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Discord tagcas#1738
Discord ID313203971533570050
RolesMod Admin robbed and raped 💎
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Gamingcurrently gaming
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Caskain or cas is a mentally ill overweight faggot who thought turning himself into the joker after an ih demotion would make everyone admire him. sadly he remains mentally ill and overweight as well as banned from discord. Casevidence.png

Deletion of Irony Hub

The evidence that Caskain used to report the server to Discord.

Caskain is the main culprit for the deletion of Irony Hub. He took screenshots from both servers and sent them to discord. As an additional fact, he is mentally ill. Many members of Irony Hub express the hope the he puts a gun to his own forehead and blasts a bullet into his cranium.

"Caskain" as a verb


This term is derived from the time when Caskain wrote a long paragraph about why he was leaving Irony Hub forever, only to join back 5 minutes later.


I'm leaving IH.

This server used to be a funny haha meme hub but all you guys do is incite drama every fucking chance you get. I might come back, probably not, and hopefully you'll like that because a majority of you don't like me as a mod, nor as a user, or even a person. Most of you have noticed by now but I don't find this server fun, every day it's more like a chore, keeping monkeys in their fucking cages. At this point it's a rolebegging drama-filled unfunny mess and I don't want to be a part of any of that. Right after I post this, right after I leave, I fucking guarantee that it's going to be spammed- cause that's all you monkys know. Now all I know is you want me off of this server. Your wish is my command.

Hopefully the server gets better when I'm gone, and hopefully you like it, but this is the last you'll hear from me. Please- don't fucking beg me to rejoin. I probably wont, and if I do, it'll be a while.

Caskain, immediately before leaving, and 5 minutes before coming right back



pull a Caskain (third-person singular simple present pulls a Caskain, present participle pulling a Caskian, simple past and past participle pulled a Caskain)

  1. (intransitive) to act as if one is going to leave (a discord server) permanently, only to return soon after.
    He's obivously just pulling a Caskain on the server.


Caskain (plural Caskains)

  1. an instance of this.


It was announced on August 29, 2020, that Caskain would be demoted from Admin position once he returned to the server. Moe Lester released the following statement:

When cas comes back to the server, he will be demoted from admin to mod, and if he doesn't clean up his act then he'll be fully demoted. Things that led to this include, leaving the server every night, punishing for drama he starts, and toxicity and minor mod abuse. also the only reason that he had admin was because he got lucky during the nuke and made a gc with all the mods, which any other mod would've done had he not done it sooner.

Moe Lester

It was announced later that he would be stripped of his Mod too, however he did not return to the server and requested to be banned.


After leaving in the morning of August 29, 2020, Caskain had gone completely radio silent, until a resurgence in Dogelore around mid-September. Not much is known about his period in Dogelore aside from becoming extremely anti-Irony Hub.

With help from Candy removing his requested ban, he would return to Irony Hub on October 7, 2020 under the pseudonym "Squidward Quincy Tentacles#1738". After accidentally dm'ing Ducky 2, his return would be fully publicized.