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This is Irony Hub's NUL (Never Unban List). This is the list of users that are banned and supposed to never be unbanned from the server , though in practice some of them have been unbanned anyway. Holy shit mods invoke the NUL way more often than they should. (Note: Any date that can't be found is labeled as "Pre 8/20")

List[edit | edit source]

Last updated 06:40, 15 November 2021 (UTC)

User ID Reason Added
[deleted]#6969 270367155235717121 CP: Cropped Binding of Isaac porn. Also had a history of hornyposting and sending questionable images. June 7, 2021
ALIGAMING#0916 657610217877405696 CP: Loli porn August 30, 2020
Anarcho Pingu#0001 Posted homeless man getting shot Pre 8/20
Aydinbird#8741 584813063106986007 Spammed cropped Oneshot porn. Pre 8/20
ballin#8591 457948642372747277 DMed a user gay porn while banned April 12, 2021
Bangshakalaka#0001 304808978821677056 Mod vote; low quality user with an extensive punishment record. This one was a long time coming. May 16, 2021 (1st time)

July 20, 2021 (2nd time)

Billy Apicella#1045 [deleted account] CP: Phineas and Ferb porn Pre 8/20
chessman#1234 + his alts 852939278815723542 Constant alting and DMing gore to people, and possibly being under TOS age Many, many times
chippzy 807751693327925318 CP: Cropped Fairly OddParents porn January 5, 2021
Coqui [deleted account] Suicide baiting, extreme horniness, pointing a firearm at his cat in VC, the list goes on December 26, 2020
cornelius#4059 733871537135812758 Mod vote; banned too many times January 28, 2021 (1st time)

April 10, 2021 (2nd time)

crack addict Daniel🌈#2524 775817948555902988 Baby gore December 1, 2020[note 1]
Delirious/Daeseron 770020724303069225 Being banned multiple times and lying in appeal December 24, 2020
diogo#0420 161942247523221505 Admitted in a different server to being "the infamous gumball cp" guy (though he later said that this was a joke confession); his troubled past also didn't help. When Diogo later said that he lied and it wasn't him, they kept him NULed anyway. September 3, 2021
Djente#0001 209115422275010561 Nuke planner, being a massive sperg August 20, 2020
Dkaih35 [deleted account] Nuker August 20, 2020
Doomnack#8412 846500512643153940 Had a sexual relationship with a 13 year old June 6, 2021
DRAAVTIZS/Fetty Wap 797688078177271828 Penis gore, alting, sperging, porn Pre 8/20
Dyno#8091 672879695099854876 CP: Amazing World of Gumball diaper porn August 30, 2020[note 1]
Ellis#8303 [deleted account] "Flat out CP, no meme" Pre 8/20
Engineer 438857971280248844 DMing photos of dead bodies, going fucking insane and acting like the joker (joker 2019 movie free) December 9, 2020
Enzo Gorlami#0069 309127043772055563 Grooming and soliciting inappropriate pics from users and spamming pics of some girl he claims is his girlfriend. March 25, 2021 (1st time)

July 2021 (2nd time)

Fake#1316 683851045473878050 Video of baby chickens being blended October 14, 2020
Gamer 465906539073372161 Nuke planner, gore August 20, 2020 (1st time)

October 14, 2020 (2nd time)[note 1]

GeniusWack0#1318 801979425196998716 Attempting to get another user NULed from sending a CP fanfic and having a history of being a low quality user July 11, 2021
Husk0rr#9403 392974402482077696 CP: Cropped Sonic the Hedgehog porn comic with underage characters August 20, 2021
HYP3R#2565 345697354348888064 DMed Xero vore after being contained. Xero initiated NUL due to one image depicting Nicole voring Gumball August 30, 2021
Infinity/Hassan2063 757890872120705084 CP: Cropped Binding of Isaac porn June 7, 2021
Lottuhhhhhhh#4858 246878332571718177 Being a massive sperg after his initial ban for posting Kirby porn December 12, 2020
LTC#0777 + her alts 694168956117712946 Kept raiding the server with her alt army

("This one is more flexible because of personal reasons with her")

Many, many times
melee luigi#6113 811796190118150145 CP: Posted a comic containing an underaged character having sex September 3, 2021
Moe Lester 268165603641131008 Mod vote; banned too many times, generally caused a lot of trouble May 23, 2021
nayt#4232 464312916003520514 Banned for sexting a 16 year old August 29, 2021
nuuts#1103 614151600151461898 Low quality user, banned multiple times, sent gore, etc. December 1, 2020
Phantho#1239 630865750898245652 Having a gallery of cub porn (furry CP) and being a degenerate zoophile July 30, 2021
Poopass#6746 Liked kids (IDK Why this is NUL-worthy, Kids by MGMT is a great song) Pre 8/20
Radicality 478403178644242433 Gore, porn, alting. Lots of alting Pre and on 8/20
Riemann#5453 309839328522141698 Nuke planner August 20, 2020
Rift#8844 426901402296778752 CP: Sent a pic of his asshole to general January 3, 2021[note 1]
sleepingcherries#9430 435109343160172554 Gore, CP, vomit fetish video Pre 8/20
strigoi/le retarde [deleted account] Mod vote; did not change his actions after appeal December 13, 2020
synn#9999 704374195965919292 CP: Sent video of a child fingering/sodomizing himself in general July 7, 2021
Systroph#1666 516813024254754842 Posting vore, terrible punishment record, continuing to misbehave after being warned, contributing to the white girl army raid. December 5, 2020
The o#8914 834768145440833566 Multiple fits of edginess, death threats, and toxicity after an argument. January 21, 2021
Typewriter [deleted account] Faked suicide attempt, alted, DMed gore to people June 8, 2020
w1 463083399306018828 CP: "the chick from my little pogchamp with cum on her face and MASSIVE bazongos" January 1, 2021[note 1]
wacky#6969 483704253228253185 Mod vote; banned too many times April 4, 2021
Wizdumb#0569 756274608822419576 Gore, animal cruelty, and impersonating a deceased OKBR user October 15, 2020
xentik/brxndon 688847130089357480 Raided, almost got the server deleted by exposing it to the white girl army December 6, 2020
Zluck#4447 367320462054653965 Posted "shotacon" in another server (even though it wasn't shotacon, this description was grossly exaggerated) July 5, 2021
zonally 836145741092618251 Lied in his appeals by continuing to act like a dick and be toxic to others December 30, 2020

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. ↑ 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 There was no announcement that explicitly said this user was added to the NUL. Date added is assumed to be the same date they were banned.