The Deletion of Irony Hub

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Can someone send the nagito laughing video im on mobile rn and cant get to it - cas, 2021

Multiple reports and poor moderation of the server would lead to the server's doom. It's dead. No more irony hub.

There is currently no official successor to Irony Hub.

The first server that rose to prominence was Irony Hub Refuge. This server had exceeded 500 members before it was deleted three days later on December 31, 2021. The owner at the time, Roomba, has had his account terminated by Discord themselves. He has appealed his ban and was rejected on January 5th. Bye Roomba:(

Perpetrator[edit | edit source]

The initial report's description, sans the comment at the end.

Former admin and infamous user cas is the main culprit of Irony Hub's demise. He reported it because he was demoted from advisor.

Zonally's report.

Zonally also reported Roomba, which may have and probably was a cause/one of the causes of Roomba's disabled account.