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User info
Discord tagAbraham#9713
Discord ID646700284495527966
RolesTrollsome, meta banned
IRL info
ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
Gamingleague of legends gaming
External linksFollow Twitter @AbruhamLoL

Abraham is an Irony Hub and Dogelore user best known for being the center of the Abraham circlejerk.

There are lots of Abraham-centric memes and GIFs, many of which were made by Abraham himself

But the Abraham haters will never stop him

Abraham is supposedly a girl IRL

There is a selfie circulating that is Abraham (REAL) selfie, (HE IS A GIRL SEXY GIRL SEXY ESEX)

However others say that the selfie was fake. Soapkiller says that Abraham is not actually a girl: "Ive seen Abraham's actual face hes a chubby white guy ... He looks like wavey with more facial hair"

secretironywikieditor comment: abraham lincoln lol

Sexy son of a bitch