Asian Businessman

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Asian Businessman
250 × 252
deez nuts lolol
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Discord tagcurrently #4110, #8008 with nitro
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ResidenceHong Kong (?)
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Yo look, its Asian Businessman from OKBR3, I remember him

- user

History[edit | edit source]

History in OKBR3[edit | edit source]

Asian Businessman was an OKBR3 veteran who joined OKBR3 amidst the pewdiepie invasion. His support of the nazi party and fourth reich leader Felix "Adolf" Kjelberg however, is up to debate. After being funny in vc once or twice, he quickly climbed the rank from lowly whitename[1] to topcunt in the span of a month or two. He was asleep during the final nuke and woke up only to be greeted by the loss of the only place he was considered funny, resulting in chronic depreson... :(

History in IRONY HUB[edit | edit source]

After alot of the cool people left okbr and made their own massive circlejerk, Asian Businessman was peer pressured into joining the buttsex conga line that was Irony Hub, he didnt really use it at all and stayed silent

Dissapearence[edit | edit source]

left one day because he was bored :yawn:

Emergence[edit | edit source]

came back because he was bored

Epic moment compilation:[edit | edit source]
  • Being funny in jackbox
  • Making shitty memes and reposting
  • Changing the name of announcements to general during the Mets[2] nuke of OKBR3
Asian Businessman, rebuttal to criticism: [3][edit | edit source]

"uhm nice try but idc plus ur black"

Mute History[edit | edit source]
  • spam
  • debraface
  • ltc video where kid tells her to shake her tits
  • posting cropped sandy cheeks concentration camp cock vore
  • edgy video

secretironywikieditor comment: theres an image on my computer i saved thats an asian businessman drawing of jaiden animations getting fucked by an among us crewmate with the color scheme and face of dream

Sources[edit | edit source]

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  2. mets :)
  3. the bible