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User info
Discord tagCandy#8184
Discord ID833403765461745704
IRL info
GenderLol, Rofl, lfmao

Candy /kænd/ is a moderator of Irony Hub.

They were an Irony Hub admin. For a long time there was much confusion over Candy's gender, and to this day I'm still not sure help (I am going to assume Candy is a femboy ) Candy resigned on November 6, 2020 with no real explanation. He left the server and now is mainly active in pedo server-I-I mean Dogelore. He rejoined the server for a bit, but was banned on December 8 for penis surgery gore. He love penis in his mouth

secretironywikieditor comment: candy was unbanned and is now advisor and cool!
hi Niggerkiller222 again, candy changed HER profile picture and made a new account after deleting the old one (addicted to discord lmao)
hi petty wrath here to say that I think candy is a GUy
hi Niggerkiller222 here, candy is a girl you are all retarded

— wiki-editors