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User info
Discord tagDeleted User#8571
Discord ID829853871378792508
RolesIronic Edgelord Trollsome Was It Worth It? Ex-Mod advisor, event organizer, DJ

Chärm /ɑːɹm/ is a user of Irony Hub. He was promoted to moderator because of the July staff shortage on July 6, but resigned 8 days later, making him the shortest lived non joke mod. He also founded founded Charms events on June 13, and has continued to run them.

Charms events[edit | edit source]

Every day, charms hosts an event in the channel #charms-events. The event is different every day, and they can last from only a single day to a week in length to finish. These events are participated by a decent some of the active IH community. The winner of each of these events are rewarded with a unique role.