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Oh Thy Lord Cherryion, Whomst Will One Day Proc Salvation Upon Us!
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" History repeats itself. I have been here for long enough to confirm such, countless times. "

— Cherry

Cherry is a former moderator of OKBR3 until its fall in April 2020, and is now a regular Irony Hub user. After OKBR being assraped by Penez, Cherry has moved onto Irony Hub and has not returned yet to OKBR, although he is still present. Cherry has not revealed nor confirmed his gender yet (only making ambiguous statements), but will be referred as "him" because girls don't exist on the internet and much less on this piece of shit of a server.

He is also very notorious for taking extremely long "breaks" from discord, because he is a dumb amnesic faggot

[edit | edit source]

On his stance on OKBR, he was one of the most notorious mods, widely in part for his activity in the server. When cherry joined the server, he got the highest activity role in 4 days (thanks mets), and got moderator in less than a month. Before that he was part in a secret server founded by Dkaih called "OKBR's greatests", which what to the untrained eye could be seen as elitist okbr, it was really just a congregation to discuss server changes and the modteam, but from the user's perspective. In here, the first ideas of a revolutionary irony server (ring a bell?) came up, and many feedback and penez hate was spread. Unfortunately, after Cherry became a mod, he was permanently kicked from the server for betrayal and treason. As Dkaih deleted his acc, only the ones who remain on that server are the only ones who may speak of it again.

After becoming a mod, Cherry truly realized how shit and baseless okbr's "political" scheme was. With no room for improvement or change, the server remained a static bureaucracy until its end, leaving Cherry and other mods to basically, eat shit and die. Some mods like commiedog and Govern, left okbr forever and moved onto IH (and then left again kek), while others left on the spot.

Cherry joined IH on its very beginnings, when the server was but a backup to OKBR3's current state of anarchy. He helped a little in it's construction, but didn't play a major role. When OKBR truly went to shit, Cherry moved permanently to IH, leaving OKBR behind indefinitely.

He would then have periods of frequent activity followed by periods of total radio silence. While he was active, however, he participated in various events and spent most of his time on #casual (#casualniggas). One of his most notorious actions was his speech in IH's user awards, back in december 2020. In here, cherry was prompted to make a speech about irony hub, after the event concluded.

Cherry's notes:
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  • On: OKBR

OKBR's downfall was no surprise to me, I had long forseen what would happen to this shithole long before the first signs started to appear. After Penez started going batshit insane, what many considered the start of the end was really the point of no return, OKBR was doomed. I myself would've liked to make a server of my own, but I knew I wouldn't have the interest to pull it out, so I waited for others to do so for me. After that, a new server suddenly started growing in popularity, and rumors started appearing that it would be OKBR's killer and it would unify the irony community for once and for all. Of course, that was Dkaih's plan (Yes, the same one who on august 2020, a mere 4 months later, would nuke the server), which would not be completed, ever.

  • On: Community

After spending here too much time I have grown to understand that this, and only this, is what truly matters. Not how many fancy bots or political systems or regulations you have in a server, its quality directly comes from its community. This is, after all, what makes dogelore so fucking cringe, whenthe so... whenthe, and OKBR3's community, the best. Not even an opinion, get over it. It makes me genuinely sad that people's dreams all died with the server and one's persons greedy need for power, but it is as is. After all, this was never a matter of a server, or how much hoodkekirony we could have over the others. It was just friends having fun. And oh boy was it great while it lasted.

  • On: Server & Moderation

This is by far the most controversial subject in all of OKBRIH history. Again, I'm talking from years of experience, but take everything I say with a grain of salt. Every user who gives a minor tiny little shit about OKBR/IH has come to the realization that it's system fucking sucks, and that is no revelation to anyone. This has lead dozens of well-known users, especially moderators, to write paragraphs upon paragraphs of text in how IH is very flawed and how it could be fixed. And before anything, none of that has ever been tried, at least, nothing that I can think of. The closest thing anyone has ever come to actually fundamentally changing IH was exc, but his ideas were baseless and not really coherent, and I knew that nothing would come out of it. For now, I don't think anyone has ever "fixed" the server or improve it in any major way, nor do I think anyone will ever do. Coming from a system which didn't even allow moderators to step up the ladder and have higher roles, IH's system is undoubtedly an improvement to OKBR. But this came from default, Dkaih made IH with this very concept in mind, and no changes have been made to it since then, except a new punishment role being NUL (???), which is completely useless.
For now, I can confidently say IH is dead. Not activity wise, but definitely community wise. Without any events, major changes, hype, or anything in between, the starved community wait for mods to stop shitposting in announcements to get a little bit of juice out of the server if not for the 3 people who still hold up events nowadays. Waiting to be revived, I can only but hope that we will ever return to the good old days of OKBR3 / Early IH, because if this continues, bad things await.

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Cherry's speech, courtesy of Govern
  • Cherry edits this page using the TOR network, so no changes can be confirmed or denied to be made by him!
  • Dkaih originally intended to mod Cherry, but this was never done due to Cherry leaving, and coming back when Dkaih was long gone (cringe!)
  • Cherry has a discord bot not currently in service called Gany. It is in active development but currently mostly finished and waiting for it to be hosted on a cloud server (because he's a poor ass nigga) If you want to join the test server for no real reason, here's the invite: It's source code can be found on Cherry's GitHub.
  • Cherry is also working on a web server on an onion domain, no real reason.
  • Cherry said monkey
  • I use trollface linux btw

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