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Terezi Pyrope from the webcomic Homestuck
User info
Discord tagChilldown#0001
Discord ID573281103620866048
Reddit nameu/Chill_Down
RolesIronic Edgelord Trollsome Was It Worth It?
IRL info
GenderM (and very straight)
ResidenceUnited States
External linksTwitter Spotify

Chilldown is an active user of Irony Hub, joining the server in August 27th of 2020. He has occasionally hosted events such as game night on the server. He was banned at one time for excessive minimodding.

He is also a christian furry.

Chilldown's Tags[edit | edit source]

Three tags have been named after Chilldown. ?tag chilldown shows chilldown minimodding; the context being Chilldown was minimodding Uptown Park for having a nsfw profile picture of Loona from Helluva Boss. ?tag chilldown2 depicts him minimodding an emote of a Crewmate from the game Among Us with a penis while also complaining about not wanting to minimod. ?tag chillldown3 is a self referencial tag, with the context being Chilldown explaining how he is not sexually attracted to Michiru, and the message in the tag was written post script. There was also another chilldown3 tag that was deleted which made Chilldown leave. It was an edited/fake screenshot of Chilldown saying he wanted to fuck Katia Managan from Prequel.

?tag chilldown
?tag chilldown2
?tag chilldown3