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User info
Discord tagCmonster#8157
Discord ID301164188070576128
Reddit nameu/Cmonster109

cmonster i love cmonster and his cat, he is so cute, cmonster if you are reading this, hi

his tag is like Cmonster#8157 i think idk, ive never spoken to cmonster ever but hes cool according to other users

hi cmonster

cmonster is very cool and swag and he has a large cat that goes spinnnnnnn

secretironywikieditor comment: cmonstersleep

cmonster left ironyhub because the gay mods banned toetruck! this is so messed up but thats ok i still love you cmonster

This is me cmobster dont worry guys i joined again but i still hate the gay mods cause they are gay

Cmonster left on August 1, 2021. He will be remembered.

cmonster is a freaking faggot and he's gay and likes wearing little sissy skirts he is such a cute chonker 1900[edit | edit source]

Bye everyone im becoming mentally ill thanks to this server. I hve a job and friends now so i dont need to be here lmfao. Fuck faggots .

Cmonster upon his departure