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Avatar of the skakid account
User info
Discord tagdkaih35#0198 (old, deleted)
dkaih35#1578 (inactive)
skakid#8724 (deleted)
Discord ID502534447892135956 (old, deleted)
724499447912071169 (inactive)
736649644523651152 (deleted)
Gamingfemboy gaming
External linksa mystery...

dkaih35 (kai for short, now also known as skaman or skakid) is a retarded femboy and is responsible for the creation of Irony Hub. He gave Irony Hub away to Weezor and left after poor management decisions, lots of harassment, and a ball fondling incident.

Like Dkaih promised, he has completely left the irony community behind and does not intend on ever returning. He currently spends his days making music.

On July 23 or 24, 2020, Dkaih35 returned under a different account. He began to become active again on the server, under the skakid#8724 account.

On August 18, 2020, he became mod once again due to a staff shortage

The Nuke[edit | edit source]

On August 20, 2020, Dkaih infamously nuked the server. Everyone hates him now lol

Dkaih Apolgy[edit | edit source]

dkaih apologized and proceeded to delete his discord lol

basically what i want to say is that i am genuinely sorry for the nuke after thinking about it, the logs and a lot of other history being gone is pretty sad. also caskain has a lot of his project of Irony Tale backed up there as well i think anyway it was extremely fucking shitty of me and immature. ik yall are just gonna be memeing me with the fuckin polar express kid lol that's fine idrc but fr, sorry about everything. it was genuinely shitty and dumb. yeah. i honestly wish i didn't nuke the server. also i'm pretty sure that cas and werp are joking about doxxing me but that is a real worry also i think it would be best to contact my parents to get my ip changed but we are moving in a couple weeks anyway so it will be outdated but yeah. biggest apologies for everything to moe and cas because of Irony Tale archives and how much effort you put into the server actually the effort goes to everyone i just feel shitty about irony tale because that actually had passion for the community put behind it i know this probably doesn't cover every thing and it certainly doesn't excuse it but please take my apology. i really mean it. i won't be coming back to the community on any alt accounts. i just wanna leave it all behind


Fucking legend lmao

This is Dkaih35 irl what a faggot lol caskain if you edit this you are a retard