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Govern always has some sort of Hazbin pfp
User info
Discord taggovern#1337
Discord ID278885669038981140
Reddit nameu/Govern_
RolesMod, Trollsome
IRL info
External linksTwitter

Govern was once a mod for OKBR3 and r/okbuddyretard, before resigning due to the actions of other mods. He stayed off all Discord servers for a few months, before joining Irony Hub on October 14, 2020. He quickly became one of the most well-liked and active users on the server. He got mod before he got WIWI

Govern also helped set up the OkBuddyIrony Event which we all love thank u govern good job :)

He suddenly left the server on January 22, 2021. He briefly came back on the 24th, before leaving again the next day. It is unclear why he left or if he is coming back

Govern Virus[edit | edit source]

Govern is asexual. He has been accused of spreading his asexuality to other users; LayLasagna and CommieDog both started identifying as asexual while in Irony Hub.

Govern moments[edit | edit source]