January 2021 mod exodus

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On January 25, 2021, 5 mods all left at about the same time.

Mods who left[edit | edit source]

Reasons are according to Weezor.

Mod Status Reason for leaving
CommieDog On an indefinite break (left with Govern and Vithra on the 25th), unlikely to ever return

Was in the server on an alt named "Syzygy", coming online once every couple of months before leaving entirely

Unclear; contributing factors may have been stress over finals and the epilepsy incident
Chupa Returned January 31
Proceeded to leave again on February 8
Returned February 18
Resigned February 20

Leaves and rejoins for a few minutes to check on the server every month, last joined then leaved June 6, 2021

Banned after a mod vote on July 22, despite not being in the server, for creating drama and being egotistical

Had "a long and retarded argument" between each other in mod chat
Jafi Returned February 22

Resigned March 4

Rejoined May 22 for the anniversary and left again May 31

Rejoined August 20, currently advisor

Govern Resigned and left with Vithra January 25 Felt that the server was bad for them mentally and that they didn't fit in
Vithra Resigned and left January 25

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Cereal, Nicoglasses, and Thumper were all temporarily promoted to mod to fix the resulting staff shortage. Cereal and Nicoglasses became permanent mods on January 31. Thumper later became a permanent mod on April 26.

As it is pretty "sus" for 5 mods to all leave simultaneously, this caused some drama and speculation "among" the community.