July staff shortage

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On July 6th 2021 an announcement was made by Weezor explaining the reason for why many of the mods had been recently demoted. Their forced resignation from the staff team further compounded an ongoing staff shortage, so the number of users promoted as part of the announcement outnumbered the number being demoted.

July incident.png

Announcement[edit | edit source]

Weezor, who was on break, returned very briefly on July 5th. The next day, he made this announcement before leaving again:

hey hi so i think an explanation is owed as to wtf is going on with the mod team so here goes:

Thumper has been demoted and banned for admitting to doxing someone by posting their face

Neo has been temporarily demoted (2 weeks) for leaking info from another server.

blaster is temporarily demoted also for harassment and being a dick to a mod from another server, he will remain demoted until he apologizes to them

qorty was also banned for posting peoples faces

To replace our recent departures, @lucie, @chärm, @xero, @Candy and @ex have been promoted to mod to fill in a shortage that was already present before these demotions.

i should be back from my break around the end of this month or august, thank you for understanding. :nyaThrowconfetti:

— Weezor

Staff demoted[edit | edit source]

statuses are only for directly after the events of July 6th. For up to date statuses on these users, either go to their respective pages, or to list of admins and mods.

staff member prior role status reasoning
blaster mod left server temporarily demoted for harassment
Deniz nakamura mod active resigned 2 days before July 6th, adding to the staff shortage
Neo admin 2 week demotion and muted indefinitely demotion was for for leaking another server's information. Their indefinite mute was requested by neo.
qorty mod banned posted someones face
thumper admin banned doxxed another user by posting their face.

Users promoted[edit | edit source]

All data is for immediately after June 6th. for current roles, see list of admins and mods.

staff member new role notes
Arctic admin was mod prior to the shortage
candy mod was advisor prior to the shortage
charm mod
ex mod
Lucie mod
xero mod