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User info
Discord tagLTC#0777
Discord ID694168956117712946
Reddit nameu/ltc_ir1
IRL info
ResidenceUnited States
External linksTwitter, TikTok

LTC (Libtard Thanos Car) is a former mod and controversial user of Irony Hub. People either bully her or simp for her. She has been known for creating lots of alts when getting banned on other servers.

She used to be a mod, but was demodded.

Trying to get Irony Hub reported[edit | edit source]

LTC being a dumb retarded gorilla nigger

On August 11, 2020, LTC made an announcement on her server asking people to look for TOS-breaking material in Irony Hub so that the server could get banned. Her motive is currently unknown. Of course, some of the members of her simp army joined Irony Hub to do exactly that. But Irony Hub will stay strong (I hope) 😈.

Sexual activity[edit | edit source]

dammnnnn ltc shake them tittys bitch! shake for a nigga! shake for a nigga! shake for a nigga! mmm those are some big milkies ltc! shake for a nigga! shake for a nigga!

How to bypass saying LTC filter :troll:[edit | edit source]

  1. l tee c
  2. l*c
  3. ell tee cee
  4. libtard tc
  5. l thanos c
  6. lt car
  7. shake for a nigga lady