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『 luq 』
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Discord tag『 luq 』#3348
Discord ID681026388454670356
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Gamingtrevor gaming
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Luq /lk/ is an admin in Irony Hub. He has taken up the role of Fascist Dictator while Weezor is on prolonged break. His name has been the center point of a long running joke on the server. Users will rename themselves to different iterations of their name, all having the theme of including the name luq, and usually being a pun on their own original username (i.e. LuqLasagna from LayLasagna).

An Irony Hub server banner referencing luq

Luq's resignation[edit | edit source]

Luq resign.png

Im the joker hahah... Anyway I’m gonna resign and leave now, I'll try to keep this short lol. Modding hasn't been all that bad for me in fact it's been fun. When I applied for mod back in November it was cause I loved the community that introduced me to a lot of people I gladly consider friends even though most of them are gone now lol. I guess what I’m trying to say is the community I used to love is gone and this server is just full of people I dislike so I don't see a reason to stay as an admin anymore. Anyway I’ll leave this server for the current mod team to handle since I believe they can sustain the server even with me being gone. If I come back I’ll probably choose to be advisor lol. Goodbyee(edited)

— Luq in #Announcements