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Moe Lester
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User info
Discord tagMoe_#9939
Discord ID268165603641131008
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ResidenceUnited States
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Moe Lester fixed the server, along with Caskain, after the August 20 2020 nuke (fuck you dkaih), and then pulls a goddamn dkaih himself and deletes general on November 7th, 2021 (fuck you moe)

Moe Lester was Co-Owner of Server

Resignation[edit | edit source]

On November 28, 2020, Moe resigned from admin like a little piss baby!!!! (jk I love you moe) This was his resignation message:

Hi I am resigning :3. It's been a good 6 months, and I'd like to reflect on that tho. Through my time here through the whole server, I've seen a lot of shit, the mess of a start, the OKBR feud, my original demotion, the LTC drama, the nuke, and finally my eventual decay and resignation. When me dkaih and gamer built the server in vc, I felt something big was going to come of it, and 6 months later the three of us built a server that would eventually hold 4k people and surpass OKBR3 in it's lifespan. I loved OKBR3, I was the most active user there obviously, and when I became admin here I settled down, but that mindset led to my eventual inactivity and moving to A SERVER THAT SHALL REMAIN UNNAMED. I would like to thank a few people before I go tho for making these 6 months I spent here great.

Dkaih and Gamer for building the server with me, and while dkaih is a faggot and gamer is weird now, I'll never forget the good times I had with you guys, even tho you'll never come back. Weezor for being a better owner than I ever could be and being a great friend.

Govern and Vithra for reviving casual and making the server much better by being great people.

Bullets, Abraham and Doctor Penez for making me active on OKBR3 and leading to this server's creation by extension.

Jafi for challenging me and legit making me a better person, even after all our arguments.

cornelius for being the very first user who didn't come from being an OKBR3 ok role.

Candy for being awesome and rebuilding the server with me and cas.

123 for sucking my nuts on a daily basis.

Prod for above.

cereal for above.

LTC for making me a better and more compassionate person

LayLasagna for reinventing the server with sillytime and just having great art.

Hor for being in OKBR1 and legit being a great friend with great ideas.

And lastly, I'd like to thank every mod and admin, no matter how shitty , for their service and building this community.

:bye: @Announcements

Moe Lester

A few weeks later he would leave the server due to burnout. He has commented on the server being "shit as usual" and "terrible," which is behavior that was seen in other ex-admins such as Cas and Jafi. Following this pattern, he is likely to rejoin within a month or so. This turned out to not be the case. Moe was banned for being a retard on an alt account which is against the rules and was a mod on whenthe but resigned and then was banned later on. Moe would continue to receive multiple bans, meta bans and contains during his time on Irony Hub after his resignation.

On May 23, 2021, following a mod vote, Moe was banned from the server for the fourth time and was added to the Never Unban List.