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Stereotypical Korean Woman
User info
Rolesex-Mod, ex-Advisor
IRL info
GenderGay Male
ResidenceUnited States

Naesung constantly cycles through different pfps but they are usually Korean actresses ( I am using this one because I can not tell the difference between them )

Naesung /næsʌŋ/ is an Ashkenazi Jew and was born in Europe; he first moved to Canada, and then finally to the United States. He was once a mod and then later stepped down to advisor. As of now he has left Irony Hub but still is active in other communities. He has admitted to being a gay jew that practices Christianity. During his tenure as a member of the mod team he was relatively controversial to the user base. One of the main points of contention was his constant arguing about "antisemitism ". One particular incident between him and Nunu lasted for over 30 minutes. In a change log post Zoey said that if naesung comes back he will not be given advisor back. As July 1st there has been no news on Naesung but he will be remember for constantly bitching about antisemitism.