Nitro Event (The Big Troll)

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On November 22nd 2020, Irony Hub user Lul#1619 received over 2000 nitro gift links from a friend via dm. In Meta Talk he lured in SOAPKILLER pettyWrath The o (Troll Limbaugh) and Fanatic. Lul then started a server for the event in which no one found a working link. Soapkiller then said a event should be made to see if there was a working gift in the document.

The Event[edit | edit source]

On 10:18 P.M. CST Soapkiller made a channel which had the doc of the links and hundreds of broke ass users who wanted free nitro lo. It was a based troll with caskin mostly getting cucked out of links. Lul later posted another batch of codes making Cas want to die more because none of the codes worked after cas went through them Lul made the second batch public and no one found anything and got trolled

Link found[edit | edit source]

At 10:46 P.M. 28 minuets after the start, Fanatic found a working code and snagged free nitro!(the nitro was fake) With that the trolling was over and everyone lived the same.(Except Cas they wanted to kill lul and started egirling to get nitro)