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User info
Discord tagnununoisy#4593
Discord ID580473757903224842
Reddit nameu/STUFF_ME_PM
Rolesrobbed and raped 💎 Ex-Mod, Bot developer
IRL info
ResidenceArizona, United States
Gamingthinkpad gaming
External linksGitHub

nununoisy /ˌnunuˈnɔɪzi/ is a mod on Irony Hub. He was a former admin, until he was demoted on December 29 of 2020. Nununoisy is a programmer knowledgeable in the Discord API, and is known for randomly implementing experimental bots onto the server for a short period of time before taking them down, rarely to ever bring them back.

Nununoisy is the creator of many of the bots seen on the server, with his creations including HIDEO_KOJIMA, Censura, and Kanye.

I'm Still Standing Mini-Event[edit | edit source]

On January 18th 2021, Nunu did a mini-event where him, a bunch of members that looked like nunu and a nunu bot spammed the full video for Elton John's "I'm Still Standing" (good song). It lasted around 30 minutes and some pieces of media were made for the event. I cannot retrieve them now since im on a school chromebook (goes on irony hub wiki in class :troll:) but such things included Peter Griffin running from a plane image saying "Do not join irony hub on January 18th at 3:28 PM EST, worst mistake of my life." This has so far been nunu's most notable moment of the year and pretty much in general.

Profile Picture[edit | edit source]

Nununoisy's profile picture was drawn by the user Cap. The new avatar is an HD redrawing of Nunu's former one.

Nununoisy's old profile picture.

Departure[edit | edit source]

On September 4, 2021, Nununoisy bid farewell to the irony community for good.

I'm leaving the irony community for good. Over the 2 years I've been in various irony servers I've found myself enjoying it less and less. I feel like the userbase has gradually shifted to different types of humor I don't find very funny, and the constant drama and mod vs user retardation only serves to add unnecessary stress to my life. The time I spend on this server has a direct correlation with poor performance in actually important things. Besides, at my age, membership in this community is a liability to my future. For the sake of my sanity and my career, I'm making the decision to leave this server and other irony servers. I'm not deleting my account or my bots, and you can still FR/DM me if you want, but I don't plan on participating actively anymore; I simply can't afford to put any more time or effort into being in this community.


— nununoisy

We will forever miss you Nunu. You were the last good mod. Now there's really no reason to come back to Irony Hub 😭