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The OKBR3 Throwback Event started on January 17, 2021, to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the opening of OKBR3. It was officially ended on January 24.

Not all changes stayed for the whole event, as other events were interspersed with this event (see #Rotation).

Changes[edit | edit source]

Renames[edit | edit source]

Many channels and roles were renamed to their OKBR3 equivalent.

  • #booster-brothel renamed to #disastrous-comedy (permanent)
  • #dumbass-log renamed to #raped-by-mcqueen (permanent)
  • #cringe-camps renamed to #retard-chamber
  • Dumbass Dungeon category renamed to Jailed
  • #starboard renamed to #the-best
  • Fascist Dictator (owner) role renamed to homosexual jew (permanent)
  • WIWI, Trollsome, Edgelord, and Ironic roles renamed to "r/", "ok", "buddy", and "retard" roles respectively, and given their old colors
  • #mod-chat renamed to #staff-lewds
  • robbed and raped 💎 (booster role) renamed to kind stranger
  • WACK ASS BOZO renamed to Moron
  • Admin and Mod renamed to Subreddit Mod and Server Mod
  • #petitions renamed to #suggestions
  • #change-log renamed to #the-verdict
  • Русский голосовой канал renamed to vc-3
  • Meta category renamed to Mets
  • #meta-talk renamed to #mets-talk
  • Logs category human trafficking (idk what this means)
  • casual-vc renamed to vc-casual

Server changes[edit | edit source]

  • Old vanity roles returned. A few of them (to be announced) will remain permanently.
  • Many people switched back to their OKBR3 avatars/nicknames.
  • New banner and icon:

Rotation[edit | edit source]

Changes that only stayed for a day before they were switched out.

Server theme[edit | edit source]

  • Day 3: Hazbin Theme
  • Day 4: Turkey Theme
  • Day 5: OKBR's Finest
  • Day 6: Diogo Hub

Channels[edit | edit source]

  • Day 1: #bruto
  • Day 2: #chinese-technology-propaganda
  • Day 3: #hazbin-hotel-rp
  • Day 4: #glory-to-turkey
  • Day 5: #sonic-oc
  • Day 6: #mario-v2

Govern's Message[edit | edit source]

Govern wrote this long-ass message at the start of the event:

On this day exactly a year ago the okbr3 server went public. It's hard to believe that it's been a whole year since that server opened, and it's eventual death gave birth to this server only for it to become miles more stable than okbr3 ever was. This server made me believe that people can change and improve for the better, and I wanna thank each and every one of those people that remained on the server after such a long time. I'll try to mention as many people as I can, but please don't be upset if I don't mention you. I'm sorry in advance to those people.

Anyways, let's get started with the mod team. It's pleasant to see that at least some of the active mods from okbr3 became awesome mods on irony hub and I wanna say special thanks to those mods that I personally think cared the most about the server, including commiedog, ibradude, xzerobot, mets and nununoisy, they always put a lot of effort even when it seemed like most of the other mods gave up. Special thanks to commie for being the best person I've met from the server, I promise I won't leave for another half a year again, just wanna keep my friends close to me from now :rooLove:

I still wanna say thanks to those who were awesome even though they weren't as involved, people like cherry, kronik, picky, stellar and lowefforttwink. And yes, I did not forget about deleted as a mod, it was... surely unfortunate timing to get modded.

And I want to remember those who are not with us anymore, swfcapslock and kirsten, they were awesome mods who I'll really miss from our community :obamasalute~1:.

Now, I'll go over some users. Off the top of my head I wanna say thanks to bullets for changing a LOT from the first time I met him on okbr3. It was surprising to see how he's changed over the last few months and become a whole different person compared to early okbr3.

Thanks to pansmith for creating the okbr3 backup that helped me restore the server on 24/4, thanks to mets for the 24/4 nuke, thanks to moe for the 24/4 autism that happened after I banned him. No really, I'm not joking, it may have affected me in a bad way but hey, I'm glad I'm back here in this community and I'm glad this community has become what I've always envisioned okbr3 to be. It's quite a special thing for me personally and I thank everyone who was involved with the server at the time when I was there and remained on this server for so long. You guys are awesome.

Thanks to swfcapslock for the turkey event on 24/4.

Thanks to people like weezor, chupa, swf and deniz for still keeping in contact with me after I left, I'm glad that you guys were still around, even if deniz was really the only one who actively messaged me, thank you guys for that. Huge respect for you deniz.

I didn't really like diogo before ih but I wanna say thanks for being one of the most stable mods of ih, keep being based I guess lol.

Shout-out to bag, roomba, diogo, kaiser, jafi, memix and bang for never changing their pfps.

Shout-out to trax for... "petition: bring in #horny-talk for people to talk in when they're horny. (same rules apply for NSFW stuff) make it buddy+ since retard roles will ruin it fast."

Shout-out to djente for begging for mod in the most peculiar ways imaginable :lolface:

Thanks to weezor for shaping irony hub in the way I always imagined okbr3 to be. I know the server wasn't in a very good state at its creation but thanks for sticking with it and making it a better place for everyone.

Thanks to commiedog for continuing to be the best mod I could ask for ever since okbr3.

Thanks to ibradude for making the okbr ARG.

Thanks to sonofwok for trying to make a 2nd okbr ARG.

Thanks to jafi, oddbread and dkaih for solving both of them.

Thanks to weezor for hosting okbr awards and the art contest.

Thanks to csbongos (engineer gaming) for doing interviews about the second okbr awards.

Thanks to cas for sticking with the server and remaining a good causal user after his demotion.

Thanks to nunu and saucy for making awesome bots.

Thanks to card, deniz and charm for being awesome casual users since the dawn of time.

Thanks to ford, guagh and weezor for being the most active vc users.

Thanks to billy apicella and jahik for always afking in vcs for useless stats.

Thanks to roomba for his help moderating the lore server.

Thanks to anna for being brave.

Thanks to schemer for his awesome art.

Thanks to benz for hosting a fanfic contest.

Thanks to ducky for writing weird fanfics about underaged people... wait not thanks? idk.

Thanks to stellar for changing his ways and becoming way less toxic nowadays, shout out to his small indie game, it looks awesome.

Thanks to swfcapslock for being an outstanding user of sacrifice channel, it was no surprise to me he got mod so fast, I saw the enthusiasm in him right away.

Thanks to eatsik, cartmanbrah and butters for forcing south park shit and being annoying, because in the end, we can't forget about big circlejerkers.

Circlejerks were a big part of okbr3, like the hazbin pfp circlejerk that seems to have never died out and in the end became unironic. Being the first unironic hazbin pfp that made others follow, I am sort of proud of that really :clueless:. Another big circlejerk I remember was the penez circlejerk, I think a lot of people had fun with that, the daily omegle troll streams were quite fun and it was notable for creating the "sex haver" meme. Stuff like el hulkero, bruto, family guy and hazbin hotel rp chats were awesome circlejerks as well, so we're bringing them back today to remember the old times :smiling_imp:

And I don't really have anything to say about you guys but thanks to stressed potato, ekebis, asian businessman, adamskii, jahjah, 123 and luq (trevor gaming) for sticking with this community for such a long time. I know there's some people that became inactive or left the community and I haven't mentioned them, but I'd really love to see them all become active again. These are people like werp, arp, waluweegee, sic, pastaplayer, turnaway, pikeman, sid_r and impossiblez, they are awesome and it's sad to see them become less involved with the community nowadays :obamasalute~1:.

Special thanks to commie for being the editor of this message. I wish this server a bright future and everyone in here a good day, keep being awesome :)

And oh yeah you may have already noticed that we changed a few things in the server to resemble okbr3, some may or may not be permanent, we'll see.

— Govern

So emotional

Lol he said "I know the server wasn't in a very good state at its creation" we all know it was better then than it is now