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Dr. Kahl's Robot.jpg
User info
Discord tagRoomba#1632
Discord ID260249379141713920
Reddit nameu/DictatorD3
RolesWIWI, artist, contest winner, IRA enforcer, t🅱️umper
External linksTwitter

Roomba#1632 is an old user on the server with WIWI, Artist, Contest Winner, and other roles.

Although not very notable, he was a somewhat prominent member on OKBR3 and has been on the server since its founding day. His former name from OKBR3 and some of Irony Hub was " owner". He was quite active on the Irony Hub Minecraft Server in its hayday, under the name "Goopton". He frequently plays TF2 and Stardew Valley. As a lesser known fact, he is also capable of creating art. If you read this far into this wiki page, ping him with the message "pineapple".

in retrospect i really jacked myself off here but then again everyone does on their wiki page so whats the big deal -roomba