Skribbl Gumball Autodraw CP

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Jump to navigation Jump to search, basically online pictionary, is a popular game in irony hub and also the world. But every fucking time someone starts a game and puts the code in general, some faggot joins and when it's his turn he uses an autodraw bot to draw Gumball CP. I've seen shit like gumball fucking nicole, richard fucking anais, both at the same time. both at the same time in a tub. Shit's wild and i hate it. If you're a faggot who does gumball cp in the skribbl games well you can go fuck yourself. If i find you i swear to god i will get a horseshoe and whack you with it and put it on your throat and stomp on it. It was funny like the first 2 times but now its just annoying af. who the fuck even uses an autodraw for skribbl thats like 0 fun. The whole point is you're drawing it. Its not like you're cheating in a skill based game just literally draw what you think something looks like. You can even google what it looks like and then draw it like that fag.