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User info
Discord tagTypewriter#6090 (deleted)
Deleted User 1a80c28f#6090
Discord ID656523330387443753


Typewriter during her "mental breakdown"

Typewriter is an infamous user banned from Irony Hub. However, she did not start out that way. She was one of the more popular users on OKBR3 pre-nuke and even co-owned Moe's Lestland before it merged into Irony Hub. The more perceptive users in Irony Hub at the time may have noticed that her attitude changed upon joining. She made up ridiculous, far-fetched stories about her parents dying and running away to live in the woods with her friend, and even at the time people were skeptical, but gave her the benefit of the doubt. Little did they know she was setting the scene for a master troll of epic proportions, one that would leave a lasting impact on the server and make her one of the most memed users in Irony Hub history.

Faked suicide attempt[edit | edit source]

On June 8, 2020, Typewriter began saying some concerning things, like wanting people to give her an epileptic fit using a seizure gif and saying she was suicidal and was going to kill herself that night. Dkaih35 contained her to "calm him down" and this is where shit went from 0 to 100000000000000 in a matter of minutes. She made a pretty convincing case in the contained chat that she was actually attempting suicide as we spoke, and that she had faked his gender the whole time and was actually a girl (it would later turn out she was transgender), the mods managed to ""talk her out of it"" and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Even people in general chat knew something was up, and it all got exposed to be fake around half an hour later. Typewriter was then shunned and banned from the server. Typewriter's epic little troll didn't just get her banned, but other users who could see through the bullshit were banned for "encouraging a suicide" I bet the mods felt pretty stupid after that!

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Typewriter was briefly unbanned a few weeks later after a dare, but was soon banned again after she doxxed someone.

In August 2020, it was discovered that Typewriter had come out as trans, after a screenshot of Discord message from her was posted on r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns. An interesting thing to note about her current alt is that it had been made sometime before the mets nuke and had been active in Irony servers.